Chiangmai Travel & Golf

Links for travelling in Chiangmai and Northern Thailand:

Tourism Authority of Thailand:ข้อมูลจังหวัด/ภาคเหนือ

Chiangmai Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports:

Travelling and Sightseeing in Chiangmai:,7.0.html 


Information of Golf Courses and Facilities in Chiangmai province Thailand:

Chiang Mai Golf courses and on line booking Link

Alpine Golf Resort Link.

Chiang Mai High Land Golf and Spa Link.

Gassan Khuntarl Golf and Resort Link.

Gassan Lakecity Golf and Resort Link.

Gassan Marina Golf Club and Resort Link.

Maejo Golf Club Link.

Royal Chiang Mai Golf Resort Link.

Summit Green Valley Chiang Mai Country Club Link.

Stardome Golf Club Link.

Chiang Mai Intanon Golf and Natural resort Link.

Lanna Chiang Mai Golf Link.

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